Safari Day 1,2 and 3

We shall drive from Nairobi to the Masai Mara National Park stopping for a picnic lunch on the way. We shall arrive in time for an evening game drive and some sight seeing before retiring for the night at the Kairi campsite. The wild life is far from confined within the reserve. The Thompson's and Gant's gazelle, topi, eland and many more species of the plain's game offer a rich choice of food for the dominant predators: the lion, leopard and cheetah which hunt in this pristine wilderness. In the Mara river be sure to catch the hippo or the seemingly drowsy crocodile waiting with subtle cunning for prey at which to strike at with lightning swiftness. Ever heard of the great march of the wildebeest. it is estimated that more than half a million wildebeest enter the Mara and are joined by another 100,000 from the east of Mara, trekking to the Kenyan border. There is nowhere on earth to compare this wildlife marvel. Driving in the midst of this herds is an unimaginable experience. The next two days will be spent game viewing and sight seeing in this natural wonderland.

Safari Day 4 and 5

We will leave the Mara and drive to Lake Nakuru National park. Lake Nakuru , quite often referred to as the "pink lake" is world famous as the location of the greatest bird spectacle on earth - myriad of fuschia pink flamingos whose numbers are legion often more than a million maybe two. The lake is also rich in other bird life the most popular being the two fish eating birds, pelicans and cormorants. There are over 400 resident species on the lake. We shall spend the night in one of the lodges located near the park. The next day will start with a morning game drive followed by an optional nature walk in the afternoon. We will then leave the park and drive to the Amboseli National Park where we will spend the night.

Safari Day 6 and 7

We shall start the day by game viewing around this Park. It lies at the foot of the majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain. The snow capped peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro rising above a saucer of clouds dominates every aspect of the Amboseli. The snows of the Mt. Kilimanjaro, white and crystalline form a majestic backdrop to one of Kenya's most spectacular display of wildlife-lion, elephant, leopard, rhino, cheetah, buffalo and hosts of plain's game creating Kenya's most sought after photographer's paradise. The park is also the home of maasai, those tall proud nomads who have learned to live in complete harmony with the wildlife that surrounds them. The next day will also be spent game viewing around the Amboseli

Safari Day 8 and 9

We shall leave the Amboseli National Park and drive to the Tsavo National Park. The combined area of Tsavo East and West makes it one of the World's largest game sanctuaries, even larger than the Wales in Great Britain. We shall arrive in Tsavo West in time for an evening game drive. Chief amongst the marvels of this park is the Mzima Springs which forms a haven for rich wildlife pageant with the elephant soaking half immersed in the waters, the hippos apparently weightless, tiptoeing across the bottom, crocodiles basking at the bank or swirling through the water, gazelles, zebra and giraffe wandering around the banks through the thick acacias and raffia palms together with hundreds of chattering monkeys and birds. Apart from the elephant population that also graces the park, there are many lions, some undoubtedly the descendants of the famous man eaters of Tsavo. Dinner and overnight. We shall spend the next day game viewing in Tsavo West and then leave for Tsavo East. One of the main attractions of Tsavo East is the Yatta Plateau, one of the world's longest lava flows. An additional attraction is the Athi river flanked by the stately doum palms, which later forms the Lugard Falls, a long stretch of rippling white water cataracts and a favorite spot for sunbathing crocodiles

Safari Day 10

We shall spend the morning experiencing some more of the Tsavo marvels and then leave for Nairobi where you will be dropped of at your respective hotels.

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